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Time to Buy
Is this a good time to buy real estate or is it better to wait?

Is this the right time to buy? Consider the following:

-- Prices have recovered from the unprecedented market fall in 2008, as they always do.
-- Home owners gain equity by paying down their mortgage AND through appreciation.
-- Home owners enjoy pride of ownership, and they enjoy doing projects that add value.
-- Current financing rates are are still near all-time historic lows, but expected to rise next year.
-- In many cases it may cost less (in terms of monthly payments) to Buy rather than to Rent.
-- The Rental Market is even tighter than it is for sales.
-- Rents will continue to rise, but with a fixed rate mortgage your monthly payments won't.
-- Real estate is a strong, long term investment.
-- Low inventories, low interest rates, and buyer demand are reasons prices are climbing.
-- If you own your home, you won't have to move again unless YOU decide to sell.

To talk about your own situation, you can call George at (858) 472-4286 or send an email to George@GeorgeCooke.com.

For more on the interest rate perspective click here for "Buy Now or Wait".

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