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How to reach Internet Buyers with a Photo Marketing Plan

Have you noticed the big change taking place in how home buyers are looking for homes? According to surveys, including the National Association of Realtors®, more than 90% of today's home buyers begin their search on the Internet before ever looking for a REALTOR®. They enjoy the freedom to search on their own at their own pace.

With property searches available on websites such as Realtor.com, CAmoves.com, and GeorgeCooke.com, shoppers can do their own browsing. It's like someone in a department store preferring to look on their own before being approached by a salesperson.

Online home shoppers insist on having plenty of good pictures to look at. They are disappointed to find properties without enough good photos, and will skip ahead to look at the listings with multiple (interesting) photographs and Virtual Tours. When they see something they like, they will want a good REALTOR® who can guide them through the process.

If you're selling your home, it becomes important to have a Photo Marketing Plan, and a REALTOR® who knows how to effectively market homes on the Internet.

You need interesting photos to attract the attention of home buyers who are looking online.

90% of Home Buyers begin their search on the Internet before looking for a Real Estate Agent.

When you list with me, your property will be prominently featured on-line with my Photo Marketing Plan and a Virtual Tour. It will also be shown as an enhanced listing on the major real estate websites, including Realtor.com, CaliforniaMoves.com, ColdwellBanker.com, and others.

I use an aggressive marketing and advertising program to drive traffic to my website and each of my listings is featured on its own webpage at www.123MainStreet.com.

I will personally market your home with professional materials, including a high gloss color brochure and color photo newspaper advertising.

For a free consultation, market analysis, or marketing proposal for your home, please call me (George Cooke) at (858) 472-4286. Or send an email to George@GeorgeCooke.com.

Click here to learn about the Current Market Value of your home.

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