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New Road Connections connect Rancho Bernardo and Carmel Valley

New roads now bring Rancho Bernardo a lot closer to the Coast

Route 56, when recently opened, brought traffic relief to the North Inland Corridor by providing a much needed connection between I-15 and I-5. But, there are some other important new road connections that have also opened between Rancho Bernardo and Carmel Valley.

Bernardo Center Drive connection to Carmel Valley Road at Black Mountain

As of June, 2007, you can now drive from Rancho Bernardo to the coast, via Ted Williams Parkway / Route 56, without first having to go on I-15.

The western edge of Bernardo Center Drive, where it crosses Dove Canyon Road at 4S Ranch, now extends around Black Mountain to connect with Carmel Valley Road in Rancho Penasquitos. This offers a new direct way to drive between Rancho Bernardo and the Coastal areas, without having to first go on I-15. The last construction project is a bridge that crosses the wildlife corridor near Black Mountain. Newland Communities, the master developer of 4S Ranch has built the first two lanes of the bridge. In next few years, the Black Mountain Ranch developers will build the other two lanes of the bridge. Right now, the first two lanes are open, and at a later time it will expand to four lanes. The opening of this important road connection had been delayed several times, but finally opened in June, 2007.

This view looks south from Camino Del Norte towards Black Mountain. The intersection at Bernardo Center Drive, with the new "Turtleback" pedestrian bridge is in the lower left corner. Bernardo Center Drive can be seen running along the right hand side of the photo into 4S Ranch and towards Carmel Valley, where it now connects with Carmel Valley Road. The Falls are in the lower part of the photo, and Camino Bernardo is just above The Falls. A corner of Rancho Penasquitos can be seen in the upper left corner. (photo taken August 2004)

Camino Del Norte connection to Camino Del Sur in Black Mountain Ranch

It was reported on March 7, 2007 that the barricade had been taken down, and that this new road connection was now open. The official opening was to come a few weeks later, but to the relief of local motorists, these roads were finally connected.

Camino Del Norte passes from I-15 in Rancho Bernardo through 4S Ranch and Santa Fe Valley to the new Del Sur area. At that point it now turns into Camino Del Sur which runs south to Route 56. This important road connection was constructed by Black Mountain Ranch (the developers of Santaluz and Del Sur).

Time of Opening

After several delays, both road connections are now open. Camino Del Norte to Camino Del Sur opened in March, 2007 and Bernardo Center Drive to Carmel Valley Road at Black Mountain opened in June, 2007.

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